Don't Forget

from by Final Outcome



I’m tying up loose ends and planning my goodbyes
I’m pushing forward to the finish line
I’ve accepted that what I’ve spent my whole life
Working towards was just a waste of time

I lost what I was looking for
And I can’t keep this up anymore

I’m just so tired, I guess it’s time
To just let go, I’ll be alright
I can't still tell myself this isn’t over yet
Say goodbye but don’t forget

I’ve made my peace, confirmed my doubts
I’m raising my white flag, I’m bowing out
That was the last straw, this is the last drop
This is the last song, this is my last stop

I can’t do this on my own
I’m giving up, I’m going home

I can’t ignore this sinking in my chest
I’m moving on, I’m done with this
I wish it wasn’t over, but I can’t pretend
Say goodbye but don’t forget

Now it’s time to cut these ties
Just pull the plug and let it die
Set me free, please loosen these binds
And mourn the death of yours and mine

Sell my things, clear my plate
Cut my losses, and clean my slate
The spark is gone, the dream is dead
Say goodbye but don’t forget

I can’t hold on, there’s nothing left
We had our fun, but I’ve come to accept
The memories are all that’s left
This is goodbye, but I won’t forget
Hang up my guitar, put down my pen
Close this book, this is the end
I promise you’ll always be my best friend
But I can’t go on
Goodbye and don’t forget


from Don't Forget, released July 6, 2015



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Final Outcome Uxbridge, Ontario

We were a band once.

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