One Day at a Time

from by Final Outcome



At the age of 22, I’d been to 4 of my friends’ funerals
I swear to god this town is fucking cursed
And I’ve never understood the good intent behind the phrase
“Hey, you know it could always be worse”

I’ve been fed a sense of wonder from the moment I was hatched
And when that wonder dies you must grow up and face the facts
But when I’m left with mental sickness that they want me to explain
It’s like an itch where you can’t find the right place to scratch
I used to take pills with my breakfast every day to keep me sane
But when they caused too many problems I had to find another way
It’s no one’s fault that I’m so fucked up, though I often blame myself
But I am slowly learning how to feel okay

With every new place, the more progress I make
The more I think about all the mistakes I have made
But if you stop dwelling on the past, your regrets will fade

I’m okay, I swear I’m learning to deal with this life
One day at a time, I’m trying to look on the bright side

When you feel trapped like a spider underneath a mason jar
Try and remember to commend yourself on just getting that far
And instead of trying to escape, you should try calling that jar home
It’s important you know how to be alone
It’s important you know how to be alone
It’s important you know how to be alone

And you’ll be okay, I promise you will learn how to deal with this life
Just take it one day at a time, and you will learn how to look on the bright side

You’ll learn to find the blessings in a curse
The wind that stole your hat is the same one that lifts her skirt
And once you understand happiness is caused by luck
You’ll stop chasing fake bliss and then you’ll give less of a fuck

And don’t worry, in time you most likely will find
That woman or man who’s worth your time
And if you don’t, then that’s fine, throw out that image in your mind
Of that elusive “missing piece,” someone to make you feel “complete”
Only you can help yourself, you shouldn’t need anyone else to make you whole


from Don't Forget, released July 6, 2015



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Final Outcome Uxbridge, Ontario

We were a band once.

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